Why not?

I often tell my friends: don’t ask yourself why? ask why not?

For a long time I’ve seen blogs as a self-indulgent tool for people who believe their opinions to be more important than they actually are. A recent change in perspective has made me decide to give this a go.

Whilst on holiday in Budapest with my old Uni house mate Andy we began reminiscing about our six-week trip to Costa Rica back in 2013, I pulled up the notes that I made about our trip, but never got around to fully editing. Andy was the first person to have read any of it in the five years since writing it (or at least beginning to write it). I plan to start getting some of that trip up on this site, better late than never right? As well as some more recent highlights from some of the places that I visit whilst working for Royal Caribbean International.

I’m blessed enough to lead an incredible life and have seen some amazing places both with work and during my holidays. In the last two years I have seen Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Gibraltar, Portugal, Belgium through work, I have been on holiday to Barbados, Spain, Greece, Hungary and even cycled around the whole of Belgium and I’m probably forgetting places as well. My mum will be the first to tell you that I often under sell the experiences I’ve had so maybe I can get some of the enthusiasm that I forget to use, whilst talking, into this blog.

Perhaps you’re a friend who cares what I’m up to, maybe you’re an acquaintance who just feels like being nosy, or it could be that you’re a complete stranger (or maybe it’s just you mum). Who ever you are reading this blog I hope you find what I get up to in my life interesting. If not, I’m sure when I read this back in the future when my memory is shot to pieces, because let’s face it, at 27 I already struggle to remember what I had for breakfast this morning, I will enjoy reliving the things I’ve seen and done.



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